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Legal Stuff


Premises Licence

The Village Hall is licenced for the following activities:

·      Playing of Live Music

·      Playing of Recorded Music

·      Performance of Dance

·      Entertainment similar to Live or Recorded Music or Performance of Dance

·      Provision of Facilities for Making Music

·      Provision of Facilities for Dancing

·      Provision of Facilities for Entertainment similar to Making Music or Dancing

There are no limits on the number of times these activities can take place but there are limitations on the times of day when they can take place. Anyone hiring the village hall who wishes to put on any of these activities is covered by the Premises Licence of the hall and will be advised on any limitations when booking. 


Sale or Supply of Alcohol

The Village Hall is not licenced to sell or supply alcohol.

Those hiring the village hall who wish to supply alcohol which is to be paid for either through a cash bar or through the sale of attendance tickets will need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice issued by Sedgemoor District Council. A TEN currently costs £21 and more information can be found here. Hirers must inform the Bookings Secretary of their intention to apply for a TEN by completing the relevant part of the Hallwizard Booking Form.

Those hirers supplying alcohol which is not being sold during the event or has not been included in a ticket price prior to the event do not need a TEN.



The village hall has public liability insurance (£5,000,000) and whilst this covers use of the Village Hall and its equipment, users are advised that it does not cover their own public liability or equipment/materials brought into the hall.

Committee Members

Management Committee Members

Please click  button for a list of Management Committee Members.

Fire Risk Assesment

 Fire Risk Assessment

This is the specific Fire Risk Assessment for the Village Hall which is under continual review and following any fire incident.

Click here to view the document


General Data Protection Regulations

The Paris Council has the responsibility as Data Controller for the CCTV system installed in and around the village hall


Click here to access the Council's CCTV Privacy Impact Statement and

CCTV Policy-

The downloadable file is the additional information relating to the village

Risk Assessment

Health & Safety Risk Assessment

“The Village Hall has a Health and Safety Risk Assessment which can be viewed here. It is reviewed annually using the Health and Safety Executive’s Checklist for Community and Village Halls. The current Checklist and Risk Assessment are held in the Health and Safety file and can be supplied upon request.”

Committee Meetings

Annual General Meeting

Minutes of our latest AGM meeting.

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