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The calendar will always open in the ‘Today'  view but may also be viewed in ‘daily, monthly and list’ views by selection. Bookings are indicated by coloured bars.

Navigating and Viewing Dates/Bookings

Navigating the calendar is self-explanatory. Once you have selected the day you would like to view simply click on the date and you will be able to see the bookings and availability for each room on that day. By using the scroll bars to the right of the calendar you can see the availability for  the full 24-hour period.

Making a Booking

To make a booking click on the 'Request Booking' button and you will be taken to the online booking form. It is important to complete all the fields on the form as this will make it easier to manage your booking. It is equally important that you read our 

'Terms and Conditions of Hire' and the 'Additional Information for Hirers' as you will be entering into a formal contract with the village hall committee.


By clicking on an activity, you will seem more information about it (this will only give contact details if the organiser has requested it).

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