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Booking Facilities in the Village Hall

We would prefer that all bookings are made via the HallWizard Bookings Calendar on this site. 

If you do not have access to the internet, then please contact the Bookings Secretary (details below)

for a copy of our Hire Agreement.

  • Go to our ‘Facilities’ page to see information about the rooms we have available for hire. This will give you an idea of which one(s) you might like to book for your activity.

  • Open the ‘Calendar ‘page to view the calendar for today which shows all the current bookings. You can manipulate the calendar until you find a suitable day on which you wish to make a booking.

  • When you have decided your room and booking date, click on the ‘Request Booking’ tab at the top of the calendar and complete the bookings form.

  • We strongly advise that you read our 'Terms and Conditions of Hire'  which forms part of your legal contract with us and  'Additional Information for Hirers

  • We allow 15 minutes before and after bookings for setting up/packing up. lf you require more time then please include this in your booking times.

  • You will receive e-mail confirmation of your booking along with any additional information concerning use of the hall.

  • You will be sent an invoice at the end of the month in which your booking takes place.


Hire Charges

There are three groups of hire charges depending on the purpose of hire:

Group 1

  • Registered Charities or recognized ‘not for profit’ organisations based in Woolavington providing a self-funding service or activity primarily for the residents of Woolavington.

Group 2

  • Profit making organizations, businesses and individuals, irrespective of location, hiring the premises and benefitting financially from its use.


  • Individuals not resident in Woolavington hiring the premises for a private function.


Group 3

  • Registered Charities or recognized ‘not for profit’ organisations not based in Woolavington, hiring the premises to provide a self-funding service or activity.


  • Individual resident of Woolavington hiring the premises and not benefiting or enabling others to benefit financially from its use


There is a concessionary hire charge for all groups when the whole hall is booked.


 Unless you specifically request to pay for your booking in advance, you will be sent an invoice by email at the end of the

month in which your booking takes place.

Hourly Hire Charges as of 1st April 2022





There is no charge for the use of the kitchens, crockery and cutlery although these are shared facilities.


Bookings Secretary

If you require any additional information or have any questions concerning your bookings, please contact the Bookings Secretary at 

or by phone on 0777 1971401 (not 24/7).

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